The health team work across Aotea Great Barrier Island and are a part of this community. They live here, shop here, dine here, get coffee here and they socialise here. That doesn’t mean that they are on duty and available 24/7, but it does mean that they also face the same day-to-day challenges as everyone else, and they are also impacted by events that happen in the community.

Being involved in healthcare in a small community presents immense challenges, and even more so for those with long term roots here. The flip side to that though, is that the health team ‘knows’ nearly every resident on the island, and can quickly respond to their health needs.

Adele Robertson
Rural Nurse Specialist/Midwife
Sharlamon Marx
Rural Nurse
Jennifer Smith-Rosser
Rural Nurse/ HIP
Leonie Howie
Clinical Manager
Charlotte McGinity
Michelle Bensom
Rural Nurse
John North
Aroha McGeady
Darcy Kemp
Email Darcy
Tania Kemp
Nurse Practitioner
Denise Staples
Rural Nurse
Bridget Cameron
Bethan Park
Wendy Milward
Rural Nurse
Robyn Grice
Kellie Cleave
Ahi Ora