The clinic in Port Fitzroy is locally called the “Nurse’s Cottage”.

The Nurse’s Cottage hosts a Registered Nurse clinic on Monday, Thursday and Friday and a GP/NP clinic on Wednesdays.

The hours for each of these clinic days are 09:00 – 4:00pm

For after-hours health care (Overnight, weekends and public holidays) Ka Ora Telecare provide an initial point of contact, triaging and virtual health service. If the Ka Ora team decide that you need to be seen face to face, there is a Registered Nurse, based at Port Fitzroy most days and a Clinician (NP or GP) and a Registered Nurse available and on call 24/7 based in Claris that also cover the Northern end of the Island.

If you have an urgent healthcare need, call the Nurse’s Cottage on 094290047


Built in 1954, the Nurses Cottage was originally both a clinic and accommodation for the Public Health Nurse employed by the Auckland Hospital Board.

The site itself is currently administered by the Department of Conservation.

In the mid 1990s the ADHB gifted the cottage to the Health Trust.

Over the years since then, the health trust has undertaken many improvement projects on the Nurse’s Cottage for the benefit of the community.