Patient Portal

We are still sorting out the details, such as the layout and capability of the patient portal in our new practice management platform, but we are hoping that the portal will be functional by the middle of June.

There is a lot to set up before we enable it, as it is a big platform, but we will begin registering patients to use it as soon as we can.

The patient portal will allow users to …

  • Appointment booking and cancellation
  • Multi-appointment options (face to face, phone, virtual)
  • Notifications to your devices for upcoming appointments
  • Easy-to-use repeat prescription requests
  • Flag your request as urgent or routine
  • Select from options such as Pick Up and Send to Pharmacy
  • Receive notifications when your prescription is ready
  • Synchs with devices such as Samsung Health, Fitbit etc.
  • Highly visual displays to view your health data and chart progress
  • Easily share with your provider or care team

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