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Our apologies for the delay in getting this  site up and running, but it has been an extraordinarily busy time for us, settling into the island and figuring out how everything works, who everyone is and where we all fit in the grand scheme of things. We will gradually add to the site over the coming months and include a wider range of links and information on here.

One of the important things that we have picked up in our first few months here that we want to clear up for everyone is the  difference between Aotea Health Limited and the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust.

Aotea Health Limited is the sole contracted health provider on Aotea Great Barrier Island.

This is a private health practice “business”, previously owned by Ivan and Leonie Howie and Adele Robertson.

Aotea Health provides 24 hour, primary health care across the island. We are reliant on patient co-payments, various contracts, (such as PRIME )and support from GBICHT  (leases of buildings, vehicles and equipment) to operate and provide the wide range of services to the Aotea, Great Barrier community.

The Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust (GBICHT )

The Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust owns, maintains and seeks funding for the upkeep of the Community Health Centre at Claris, the Community Dental Clinic and the Nurses Cottage.

The Trust purchases appropriate medical equipment, maintains and upgrades power systems, communication systems and other intricate sundry apparatus, on behalf of the entire island community.

The Trust then leases the assets to Aotea Health Ltd, the only island-based primary health care provider, consisting of a team of health professionals (NPs, GPs and RNs), and the best possible health services are delivered to residents and visitors to Great Barrier Island.

Hopefully, that explains the differences between the two organisations and the role they both play in delivering health access and equity to this community.

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