Christmas Rush

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, the Aotea Community Health Center wants to ensure that all our patients can access their necessary prescription medications without any interruptions. We know how important it is to provide continuous healthcare services, especially during the Christmas shutdown period.

Its critical that you also plan ahead and ensure you have an ample supply of your prescription medications. Aotea Health advises all patients to proactively organize their prescriptions to avoid any inconvenience or gaps in their treatment regimen.

To help facilitate a smooth prescription process before the Christmas shutdown period, we recommend the following steps:

Schedule an Appointment: If you are running low on medications or require a new prescription, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of the team as soon as possible. The team are here to assist you in meeting your medication needs.

Early Prescription Refills: Patients who anticipate needing prescription refills around the Christmas period are advised to request their refills well in advance. We recommend placing your refill order at least a week or two before the Christmas break to allow ample time for processing and possible delays.

Medication Review: The holiday season often involves festive gatherings and changes in routine. It’s vital to consider any adjustments needed in your medications due to these changes. Our clinicians can conduct a medication review to ensure your prescriptions are up to date and appropriately adjusted before the Christmas holiday period.

Holiday Hours: The Aotea Community Health Center will have modified operating hours during the Christmas season. To avoid disappointment, please refer to our Facebook page or contact our clinic to inquire about our specific hours of operation and appointment availability.

Medication Management Services: For patients who face challenges in picking up their prescriptions during the shutdown period, our team will do what they can to assist you in coordinating medication deliveries or making alternative arrangements to ensure you have access to your necessary prescriptions without interruption.

We do believe that accessible healthcare is a fundamental right for all, regardless of the time of year. Our dedicated staff are committed to supporting you throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Don’t let the festive season become a hindrance to your healthcare. Take the necessary steps now to ensure a seamless prescription medication experience.

Contact Aotea Health today to schedule an appointment, discuss prescription refills, or inquire about any further assistance you may require. Let us help you stay safe, healthy, and well-prepared this holiday season.

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