For after hours urgent health care, call

  • 09 4290356 (if you are in the middle or Southern end of the island) or,
  • 09 4290 047 (if you are in the Northern end of the island) as you normally would.

After 5pm week nights, weekend and public holidays the phones will be answered by the after hours, on-call Clinician. This will be a GP or an NP

They will determine your needs, and will tell you if you need to be seen then and there or if you can wait until the next working day. They can:

  • organise appointments with clinicians for during working hours,
  • provide you with advice
  • organise for you to come in and see them and /or the on-call Registered Nurse face-to-face.
  • arrange transfers if trequired

All you have to do to contact the After Hours On-Call clinician is RING:

094290356 Claris or 094290047 Port Fitzroy