Addiction 101

Addiction comes in many forms and impacts many of us – either directly or indirectly. Recovery is possible for everyone, but it helps to understand what it takes for a person to change. Addiction 101 can help.

Addiction 101 is designed to help increase knowledge and understanding while reducing the stigma of addiction at home, work, and everyday life.

Get a better understanding of addiction and recovery, and the confidence to respond supportively using skills you already have. You’ll learn what can lead people into addiction, what strategies can help them to change, when and where to get professional help, and practical ways to look after yourself.

Addiction 101 is designed for adults 18 years old and over.

Come and participate in a workshop for people to gain an understanding of addiction and recovery, learn how to respond supportively and reduce stigma.

Click the link below. Look for the Workshop on island on March the 1st 2024

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